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We both started successful businesses in our early twenties. Over the years, we’ve spent our fair share of time doing manual work like tracking hours spent on jobs, hunting down employee hours for payroll, and trying to answer the simple question:

What did my employees spend their time doing this week?

We aim to create practical tools.

Software born from things you don’t want to do on a Saturday. Our business needs to know which employees are productive, the clients and projects making money. You need to know where the time really goes.

Meanwhile back in Brooklyn…

All those years ago, back in New Jersey, we didn’t dream of time tracking software. But we did dream of starting our own businesses.

At just 27, Murray’s first tech start-up went public on the NASDAQ. Business Week named it the world’s third fastest growing IT company. Douglas was also starting his career in business and at 24 created a national spices and herbs company, shipping 50,000 tons of spice per year.

We love creating things. We love helping businesses do better work. We have big plans for the future of eBillity.