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Time Tracking Software for Architects to Increase Efficiency

Everything your construction team needs to accurately clock time for payroll, productivity and profitability.

Easily track project time from anywhere

Efficiency starts by architecture firms accurately tracking time on projects. With Time Tracker’s timesheet software for Architects you can track time down to the minute with timers, or enter time daily or weekly with timesheets.


Enhance team alignment on projects

Time tracking software for Architects, such as Time Tracker, will keep your team on the same page. Admins are able to see in real-time who is working on what, what tasks are complete, and how much budget allocated has been used.


Increase billable utilization rates

By tracking hours in real-time you will be able to track billable hours against total hours worked to determine your utilization rates. With Time Tracker, time tracking software for Architects, admins can run detailed reports or customize the dashboard to have a daily view of critical information to increase profit margins.