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We teamed up with Amazon’s Alexa

Voice command time tracking.

Alexa is a voice-activated virtual assistant created by Amazon and built into smart devices to make your life easier! As a cloud-based service, Alexa can access the Internet, complete digital tasks, and connect your devices with a simple voice command. When you connect Alexa to your Time Tracker account, you can get more done in even less time!

Why use your hands?

Shout it out loud!

Start and stop timers, run multiple timers at once, and create time entries with a simple voice command. You can even ask Alexa for the status of your timer when you’re not logged in.

What can you ask Alexa to do? Here are a few examples:

Manage timers with basic voice commands like:

     “Start a new timer”
     “Pause all my timers”
“Get the status of my timers”

Create time entries by simply saying “Create a new time entry for 8 hours and 30 minutes.”

Interact with specific customers that exist in your account – “Start a new timer for John Doe” or “Create a new time entry for 6 hours for John Doe.”

You can even start a timer for a call, check the status of a timer to see how long you’ve been working or log a time entry when your hands are full and you can’t get to your device.

Available on all Amazon Alexa devices

Download the Time Tracker Alexa skill today

Alexa skills are basically Amazon’s word for ‘apps’. They give you more capability and provide you with voice-activated control of your smart devices, apps and websites. 

The Time Tracker skill is compatible with all Amazon Alexa devices: the Echo, the Echo Spot, the Dot, the Tap, and the Show, and is simple to connect. Connection takes less than five minutes and we’ll even do it for you.

Visit the Amazon store, download the Time Tracker Alexa skill and give us a call to help setup your new voice-activated time tracking device!

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