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Time Tracking for Jira

Jira is one of the top project management solutions for software development projects and is trusted by more than 100,000 teams. Time Tracker integrates with Jira to help software companies track and manage their time against projects and issues so they can easily see if they are on budget.

Jira integration

Why Choose Time Tracker for Jira?

Time Tracker for Jira will help provide detailed time tracking for your projects and issues to ensure projects are on time and budget. Always know exactly where you are in your project lifecycle.

  • Add a client or project in Jira and it will automatically sync to Time Tracker
  • Report actual time spent on tasks in real-time, by project, task, or by team member within JIRA. Use past projects to accuratly estimate the next. 
  • Track time down to the second with timers or input time in allotted increments, right within your Jira platform and add time tracking notes
  • Time Tracker also integrates with QuickBooks and other payroll software to quicky run payroll. Easily review, approve, or reject timesheets.
  • Quickly bill your client with full invoicing capabilities, and provide online payment options for fast payments.
Jira time tracking

How it works

When you connect your two accounts information will be shared, immediately reducing time spent on admin and data entry. The two-way sync will share project data and send time tracking information to Jira.

  • When tracking projects or issues in Jira, a timecard or time entry form from Time Tracker will be displayed on the page.
  • After logging time through the Time Tracker form, Jira’s own time tracking module will have time logged automatically. Time entry data will also be logged into Jira’s “Work Log” section.
  • Within Time Tracker, time entries will have a link to the Jira ticket embedded for easy access and tracking.
jira time tracker integration

Get started

  • Log in to your Time Tracker account, or start a free trial today
  • From the menu click MORE > Integrations and select Jira. Follow the instructions to connect your accounts.
  • Once you have completed the connection you will see Jira appear in the menu and you can finish the set up by syncing the data
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It was a little easy to navigate and their customer support is thorough and patient.
F. Sifontes
Overall been using eBillity since 2014. I am satisfied with the ease of use, their customer service is outstanding and would highly recommend if you are using QB Desktop.
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TimeTracker allows my firm to keep time efficiently in the workplace and on the go for an affordable pricepoint. The invoice and billing features are intuitive as well. Highly recommend.
Sean E.
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