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7 Top Tips for Staying Healthy from Home

staying healthy

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to limit many people’s daily activities, an increasing number of people are missing out on their usual time at the gym, in yoga studios, and in their other favorite places. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to let those times slide. In fact, it’s more important than ever to stay healthy during this stressful time! As the COVID-19 impact continues to be felt around the world, maintaining your physical and emotional health can help boost your immune system, keep your spirits up, and provide you with positive opportunities in spite of the difficulties you’re facing. Try some of these tips for staying healthy from home. 

  1. Try out yoga from home

Are you used to heading into the yoga studio for a regular yoga workout? You don’t have to miss out on those opportunities while you’re stuck at home. In fact, there are plenty of online yoga routines that could be among your new favorites. Check out a new yoga routine each day or find a favorite program and stick with it until you’re able to leave social distancing behind. 

  1. Schedule in a regular walk around the neighborhood

Don’t get stuck sitting in your home office all day! If you often get out and walk with friends or coworkers, you can absolutely maintain many of those practices on your own. Connect with friends via Skype or Facetime–or just talk to them on the phone– and head out for your regular walk. Many neighborhoods are coming up with fun ways to break up the monotony during this period, from “bear hunts” with stuffed or colored bears in the window to neighborhood egg hunts, where you get the chance to see where all your neighbors have hidden their eggs. You can also try out mindful walking to help keep yourself calm and make the most of this time of isolation. Sites like MindTravel offer excellent meditation opportunities that can help you make the most of every walk. Choose your free MindTravel journey here

  1. See what your regular teachers, classes, and establishments are offering

Many establishments, from yoga and dance classes to personal trainers, martial arts classes, and more, are offering a library of videos online that are designed to help their students stay as fit as possible during this time. If your preferred exercise establishment isn’t running a program that works for you, check out:

  1. Get in that weight training

Whether you’ve always wanted to get started with weight training or you’re missing the gym and want to try some at-home workouts, you don’t have to give up weight training just because you can’t get to the gym. Body weight workouts might not be quite the same as the heavy lifting you’re used to, but it will help you maintain strength–and build new types of strength–until you can get back to your regular gym routine. If you have weights at home, you can also get in a few free weight workouts with the weights you do have on hand. 

  1. Start running

As long as you have a safe place to get outside, now is the perfect time to start–or continue–your running routine. Running is a great form of cardio and the perfect way to relieve a little stress. It’s also a form of exercise that you can enjoy almost anywhere. Need a little incentive? Check out a virtual run. Many runs are making light of the current crisis and encouraging runners new and old to make the most of it, including the Social Distancing Run. You can also find plenty of great runs that fit your specific needs or plans, from virtual Bunny Hops for Easter to fun, geeky runs based on your favorite fandom.  

  1. Start that healthy eating plan you’ve always wanted to try

With food flying off the shelves in many grocery stores, meal planning and keeping up with healthy eating may seem daunting. However, this is the perfect time to learn how to prepare healthy meals. With plenty of time on your hands, you can focus on meal prep. Get creative with the ingredients that you can still find. Keep in mind that as panic subsides, it’ll be easier to find those important ingredients in your local grocery store again. While it might be tempting to drown your sorrows in a pint of your favorite ice cream, try fixing up something healthy instead. 

Experiment with Paleo baking or try out ingredients that might not normally be in your kitchen. It may surprise you just how easy it is to handle many of those cooking tasks–and when social distancing measures are over, you may be able to maintain many of those healthy eating habits. 

If you need a little inspiration, and a cooking lesson too, try out some of the home meal kit delivery options.

  1. Don’t forget mental health is important too

Many people are dealing with increased anxiety alongside the other struggles they’re facing during this difficult time. Don’t forget to focus on your mental health as well as your physical health! Try journaling, meditation, or mindfulness to help encourage positive thinking and keep your mind in a healthy place even when it seems as though the world is turned upside down around you. Take time out to read motivational books or to check in with your religious organization. The more you maintain your mental health, the easier it will be to keep your cool and even enjoy this period. 

There are many meditation resources and meditation apps, here are a few:

Staying Healthy at Home is Important During the COVID-19 Coronavirus

Dealing with social isolation and the fears associated with coronavirus may seem daunting. Isolation, social distancing, and even quarantine, however, are no excuse for letting your health slide. With these tips, you can keep yourself and your family healthier and keep up with many of the same exercise routines that are a regular part of your life. You may just find that when quarantine is lifted, you want to keep up with some of the habits you’ve established during this time.