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Project overview

Stay on top of your projects time and budget

By tracking time with Time Tracker, time tracking software for designers, Admins can see who is working on what, which tasks have been completed, and how much time it took to complete. Review time used to allocate project hours and know in real-time if you are going over budget. Admins can also approve or reject time tracked and monitor overall project success.


Project hours

Provide accurate project estimates

Not sure if you are estimating a project accurately? Use historical data to review hours for similar projects to help bid on your next project. Run detailed business reports by past project tasks, employee or contractor time, or by client to see where you may have gone over budget. Project costing has never been easier.

Improve productivity of remote teams

By having your remote creative team track hours in real-time you will be able to track billable hours against total hours worked. Low billable hours indicate several inefficiencies and can affect your bottom line. Improve graphic design time tracking with in-app messaging, admin approvals and time tracking notifications and reminders.