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Get rid of expensive hardware with our Time Clock Kiosk app

Replace your expensive punch clock with our affordable Time Clock Kiosk. All you need is WiFi and the app download to your mobile device. Your staff can clock-in, clock-out and take breaks at one or multiple terminals using their unique 4-digit pin.



Optimize employee scheduling

Reduce administrative time by moving your scheduling online. Employee daily, weekly or monthly schedules only take a few minutes with saved templates, or copy and edit a previous schedule. Share your plan with your shop crew and if you need to make changes the team will automatically be notified.


gps tracking

See the status of your shop crew in real-time

Locate your crew in real-time from anywhere and see who is clocked in, clocked out or on a break. If you have multiple factories or locations, you can easily move your shop crew around where they are needed most.